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The Day I met the folks.

It’s so odd that Thanksgiving has come and gone. I must say that this was the most un-Thanksgiving-ish Thanksgiving I’ve ever experienced. Not that that’s a bad thing. It just had this almost surreal quality to it. But, then again, this whole year could be described as having a surreal quality to it.

Normally, I would spend Thanksgiving with my sister. (And when I say “normally” I mean ever since my mom and grandma (my mom's mom) have passed away.) I would go to her house or she would come to mine. We would wake up at the crack of dawn on Thanksgiving day, pull on some clothes, and zoom over to the closest gas station to get a newspaper. Not that we were interested in reading it. Nope. We just wanted the highly coveted Black Friday ads. When we got back home we’d indulge in something sweet for breakfast - a piece of pumpkin cake or a pumpkin donut or something like that. Then we’d both shower and dress for the day. Afterwards, we’d plop down on the couch, watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and peruse the Black Friday ads and plan our shopping strategy (our Black Friday shopping plans always resembled a highly organized military operation). For dinner (really it would be a late lunch/dinner) we’d heat up the the turkey and fixin’s that I used to pre-order from this awesome mom-and-pop restaurant that sadly went out of business this year (damn you coronavirus!!!). We’d overeat, of course. Then we’d veg out in front of the television for a while and watch our favorite movies while waiting for the stores to open and the shopping frenzy to begin.

When I saw my sister in September she mentioned not getting together for Thanksgiving because work has been crazy. My sister is a ball busting boss bitch (I love the alliteration. [Also, I’m not saying that in a negative way. I’m super proud of her!]) She’s a power suit wearing, briefcase carrying, corporate boss who on two occasions has made condescending pricks who resented having to report to a female boss cry. Yeah, I’m proud of her. Sometimes it's just hard to imagine the same woman who went on Spring Break with me one year and entered (and came in 2nd place!) a wet t-shirt contest with the dedicated and intimidating boss she has become. But even if my sister wasn’t crazy busy with work I doubt I would have seen her this Thanksgiving. The virus is just too rampant and us getting together would have been an unnecessary risk.

So for this Thanksgiving it was just Joe and I. He actually had the day off (but the trade off is he’s working Christmas Day). Normally his parents would fly up and spend the week with him. They’re both retired and now living in Florida. But they decided to stay home as well. But I did get to meet them over Skype. Talk about nerve wracking! I spent hours stressing over my hair, makeup, and picking the right outfit to wear. Joe thought I was nuts stressing over a video call. And he tried comforting me by saying “My parents are going to love you because I love you.”

Yeah, that’s exactly what he said word for word. So not only was I stressed about meeting his folks but I was freaked way the hell out over those three little words. And I didn’t know how to respond to it. I mean, it wasn’t exactly a formal declaration. It could be that it was just a throw-away comment - words he used as a way to comfort me in a stressful situation without literally meaning them. It’s kind of like that time when my friend, my sister and I had a girl’s night out at this bar and grill. The waiter gave us free wings and nachos, so I yelled out, “I love you man!” I didn’t literally love him. (Although he did give me his phone number in case I ever wanted to “get together” [Actually, we texted for awhile but never got together.]) So I kind of ignored the whole “I love you” stuff and focused on getting through meeting his parents for the first time.

But then a couple of nights ago he said it again. It was right before bedtime and I had just gotten out of soaking in a bubble bath for an hour. I was pruney and relaxed (lavender scented bubble bath does it every time) but I was also cold. So I jumped into bed and kind of burrowed into Joe in attempt to get warm. Thats when he kissed my forehead and said, “I love you”. Yeah… I think that time there was only one way of interpreting those words. But as much as I wanted to say them back, I just couldn’t. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just not ready yet. So, I kissed him and got a little … amorous. (I’m a lady, so that’s all the details you’re going to get!) But now I’m worried that he’s disappointed that I haven’t said them back.

Okay, back to Thanksgiving….

Joe’s parents are really nice. Although, at first, I didn’t think they liked me. After Joe made introductions, the first thing Joe’s dad said was, “How old are you?” Joe is ten years older than me. But he’s far from being an old man. He’s in his late 30’s and I’m… well, you can do the math. (My mom always used to say that a lady will never admit her age after the age of 25. It’s completely ridiculous but is one of those things that has stuck with me all these years.) And I know I look young. Not only do I always get carded when I order an alcoholic drink or when I go into a casino, but I’ve even gotten carded when playing the lottery. And I’m not talking ten years ago. I think the last time I was carded playing the lottery was earlier this year (I don’t play the lottery that much). It’s a little annoying but I’m hoping my good genes will pay off when I’m 80.

We all talked for about half an hour or so and I think they warmed up to me. I remember saying something - I don’t even remember what it was - and I made his parents laugh. I think that’s the moment I started to relax and was just … me. The only part that I was uncomfortable with is when they asked about my parents. I don’t like talking about my parents. They both have passed away - my dad when I was a pre-teen and my mom seven years ago. I was a total daddy’s girl, but my mom … well, let’s just say the greatest disappointment in her life was me. Her words. I’m not exaggerating. And when Joe’s parents asked what they used to do for a living, I could tell they were impressed. That makes me very uncomfortable because my parents’ accomplishments aren’t my accomplishments. I may be their child but I had nothing to do with their successes. That was all them. I’m my own person. I want to be judged - either good, bad, or both - on what I’ve accomplished and nothing else.

But I am glad that I’ve seemingly won Joe’s parents approval. His mom and I have been texting each other and yesterday she even called me. She said she was doing some online shopping and wanted to know what sizes I wore. I told her but immediately after we got off the phone I called Joe and told him and begged him to somehow stop her from buying me clothes without hurting her feelings. But he said there was no stopping his mom once she set her mind to something. And shopping online is one of her favorite hobbies. So I’m stuck. Although I do find it incredibly sweet of her.

I didn’t go to any stores on Black Friday, but I did shop online. Yeah…. I did A LOT of online shopping (when I logged into my credit card account to pay my bill I was like, “Whoa. What’s happening here?!”). But most of what I bought was for me to donate. I always go a little crazy at Christmas buying for Toys for Tots and I also like buying some stuff for the kids at the nearest children’s hospital. It was fun getting all of these toys in the mail. I always have to resist the urge to tear into the packages and play with them myself. I don’t know any kids so it’s always fun checking the toys out.

Until next time....

4:49 p.m. - 2020-12-02


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